Hyde Shipping

"We rely on email for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication in which our vessels tell us where they`re located, what kind of weather they’re experiencing and if anyone is in distress. AppRiver’s Email Continuity Service keeps us connected no matter what natural disasters may strike. We appreciate how the service provides access to existing email so we haven`t lost anything."

Synercard Corporation

"Just wanted to thank you for your help once again, and let you know that the entire staff here, including myself, are absolutely amazed at what a great job your service is doing. We quite simply love everything about it, from the great daily held mail reports (an awesome feature!!) to the ease of use, to most importantly the staggeringly good job you do trapping spam and viruses. The load on our server and annoyance in our mailboxes have simply disappeared. There's no better way to say it."

The EdVenture Group

"Today, with so many companies lacking in quality technical support, AppRiver shines! I’d recommend them based on their quality service and excellent support!"

Billy Burk

"First and foremost I want to say how much I value your assistance during this really messed up time - without your help it would have been 100 times worse for my businesses. You guys are the first example I give when speaking of the outpouring of good. I will never forget your help."

Wright-Gardner Insurance, Inc.

"I wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE your product! We have tried other in-house spam products that were difficult to administer, cumbersome to use and did not stop the spam. So I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of your product, but spam has become a major problem at our agency and we needed to get a handle on the situation. The change over to your product was very simple and we saw immediate results! I could not believe how easy it was."


"All I have to say is AMAZING! Already today our Notes server utilization went from the normal 85 -100% down to 8 - 25%. We have been with you for less than 24 hours! You have made me look great with my company and you did all the work. All I had to do was make one phone call to change my MX record!"


"Thanks for always being willing to provide your expertise in areas that are not a part of your primary role."

Ubicom, Inc

"Pass along to your team that the IT Team and Ubicom staff are extremely happy about making the decision to use your service. Thanks for developing a top-notch solution!"

Mindbox, LLC

"...your company's actions during the MyDoom outbreak were stellar."


"With these last few outbreaks of worms that have been unleashed I am very pleased with AppRiver's ability to stay on top of things."

Via Networks

"When comparing to alternative solutions, Appriver definitely offers constantly the best quality for an affordable price in a dynamic environment. We believe that Appriver has the highest standards in the field of antispam and antivirus services."

Santen Inc

"This is my second successful experience with AppRiver so I wanted to write this letter to you to express how pleased I am with your services."

West Vancouver School Board

"We have had excellent results with AppRiver. I have included some of the stats from our account. I actually had clients phone and thank me for putting this spam filter in place. This doesn't happen very often. Setup is quick and easy."

DiLorenzo & Company, PC

"The service has been invaluable to us. AppRiver intercepts 25 to 50 pieces of spam mail per e-mail address for us each day, in addition to numerous virus e-mails. The staff and network engineer time that AppRiver has saved us would be difficult to calculate, but I'm sure it would be considerable. Just having our staff and partners freed from an e-mail inbox full of obnoxious, lurid and even obscene solicitations from Asian and European spammers has been a huge workplace amenity."

London Fog Group

"By the way, we love the service. Keep up the good work!"