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Roaring Penguin is now AppRiver! With services that truly complement each other, we’re confident this will bring even more value and capability to our customers. To our new Roaring Penguin customers, welcome to the AppRiver family!

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Will I continue to have spam and virus protection during this transition?

Yes. The Roaring Penguin platform will remain in service, so you won’t need to do anything differently for now. However, you do have the option at any time to switch over to AppRiver’s SecureTide® spam and virus filtering service, and to sign up for any of our other services if you’d like.

Who can I call for support? Will they know how to help me?

You may continue to call the Roaring Penguin support numbers. Our team will work with Roaring Penguin’s support staff to make sure you get the help you need as quickly as possible. Not to ‘toot our own horn’ but AppRiver’s Phenomenal Care® team has won multiple awards for exceptional customer service.

With Roaring Penguin, 24/7 Support is a premium option. Does AppRiver charge for 24/7 Support?

AppRiver’s live, 24/7 Phenomenal Care is included for AppRiver services at no extra charge.

Who will be billing me? Roaring Penguin or AppRiver?

Going forward, billing will come from AppRiver. Depending on the payment process you have in place, AppRiver may reach out to you for updated information.

Will I be forced to move to AppRiver’s service or can I stay on the Roaring Penguin platform? Will my prices increase?

For now, you will be able to stay on your Roaring Penguin service and your bill will not change. We will give you plenty of advance notice prior to switching over to AppRiver. However, we do encourage you to take a look at AppRiver’s spam and virus filtering service. You might want to make a switch sooner.

Will other AppRiver services work with my existing Roaring Penguin product?

That depends on which service you want to use. AppRiver’s Email Continuity service, for example, includes SecureTide spam and virus filtering. We recommend speaking with one of our team members to discuss the specific service and its compatibility with Roaring Penguin.

Am I eligible for the free evaluation to try other AppRiver services?

Yes, AppRiver offers a free, no obligation trial for most of its services.

Can I get hosted email through AppRiver?

Yes, AppRiver has two hosted email platforms, including Office 365. AppRiver was an original Microsoft Office 365 partner and helped bring the service to market. The advantage to you is that we have the most experienced Office 365 customer support team in the business.

Do all Roaring Penguin products have an AppRiver equivalent?

Yes, in terms of functionality. AppRiver offers spam and virus filtering, archiving, and secure email services – all delivered from the cloud.

Will I be able to purchase Office 365 and other Microsoft products that AppRiver sells?

Yes. In fact, please look at our service offerings and discuss your needs with our experts. They will not pressure you to buy anything, but they will be happy to explain what we offer and see if it’s a good fit for your business.

What will happen to the Roaring Penguin brand?

Roaring Penguin will remain as a service brand under the AppRiver company.



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