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Email Continuity Service from AppRiver gives you peace of mind by allowing you to receive email even when your own mail servers are down. AppRiver maintains the last 30 days of incoming email for your organization for easy access during natural disasters, unplanned outages or even routine maintenance.

This mail is accessible through Outlook Web Access (OWA). Customers don't receive annoying bounce messages and you don't have to worry about losing important information. ECS is always on, so there is no start-up process if your mail flow is interrupted.

Can I enable ECS for a few users, or am I required to enable ECS for all my users?

As an administrator, you can decide which users you want to have ECS and which users you want using Advanced Email Security only.


Does my internal mail get copied along with the rest?

No. The server does not send the internal mail beyond your mail server, so AppRiver never gets a copy to include in ECS.


How do I release a blocked email?

You can release quarantined mail by logging into your Customer Portal, or by selecting messages from your daily Held Spam Report.


How do I access ECS when my email goes down?

Users can access their email via ECS through the Outlook Web Access (OWA) portal within the Customer Portal (CP), or by adding the mailbox in Outlook via POP/IMAP.


Will my calendar and contacts synchronize to AppRiver ECS?

No. Contact and calendar information is not included in ECS synchronization.


Is there a limit to the amount of email storage I have while using my ECS?

No. AppRiver provides unlimited storage for the previous 30 days of messages.


If I encounter an issue or have any feedback who should I contact?

You can reach our support team anytime at (020) 351 485 68 or you can create a ticket by submitting an email to, or you can use our web form.