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Secure Hosted Exchange from AppRiver is email made easy for businesses who want reliable messaging and mobile device synchronization and who don't want the expense and hassle of managing it themselves.


Hosted ExchangeHosted Exchange Lite PlusHosted Exchange Lite
Mailbox StorageUnlimited50 GB2 GB
Outlook License Included   
ActiveSync - AvailableIncludedIncludedAvailable
Outlook/OWA/Smartphone always Synchronized 1 
Presence Notification 1 
Calendar Sharing 1 
Scheduling Assistant 1 
Outlook to Exchange Connection using the MAPI Protocol 1 
Legacy Email Importation   
30-Day Deleted Item Retention Period 1 
Phenomenal Care® (Free 24/7 Customer Support)   
Expert Migration Assistance   
Simple, Intuitive AppRiver Customer Portal   
Full Email Security Protection (anti-spam and virus)   
Shared Mailboxes   
Email Archiving (50 GB per User)   

1 - Optional with MAPI

How does it work?

AppRiver's Secure Hosted Exchange service allows businesses to enjoy spam-free email, mobile device synchronization and all of the other benefits of Microsoft Exchange without the expense and headaches of managing in-house mail servers.

With our simple, intuitive customer portal, you can easily add or remove users and services. You get the controls you need without the complexity you don't. And OWA gives you access to email anywhere Internet service is available.

AppRiver's award-winning Email Security email protection is included with every Hosted Exchange account, so you also have the best security in the business built in.

Performance optimization

AppRiver's Akamai-Optimized Microsoft Exchange Service Improves Mobile E-mail Performance by 50 Percent over Alternatives

Interfering factors like Internet congestion and cell network issues can negatively affect e-mail performance, impacting the demands of today's increasingly mobile workforce. AppRiver is the first Microsoft Exchange hosting provider to embed the Akamai global distribution platform into its secure service.

As a result, AppRiver customers receive faster connectivity and more reliable performance from both wireline and wireless business e-mail at no additional cost.

See how our IP Acceleration compares here.

Spam and virus protection

Email Security spam and virus filters protect inbound and outbound messages, eliminating up to 99% of unwanted email for every client. Security is not an option with AppRiver Exchange Hosting service.

Our embedded Email Security spam and virus protection service removes the risk of security problems that can result from just one client opting out of a voluntary email protection service.

Every server includes Email Security's proven email protection service, eliminating up to 99% of unwanted email at the gateway. Email Security utilizes more than 60 types of filtering techniques and 5 virus scanning engines.


Data Loss Prevention

Email continues to lead as the quickest and easiest form of communication. To make it even easier and worry-free, Secure Hosted Exchange with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has your back behind the scenes, automatically detecting and encrypting messages that contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account information and driver license numbers. With multiple Data Loss Prevention policies, designate which types of sensitive information your business frequently communicates and AppRiver will do the rest!

How does AppRiver compare?

On every level, AppRiver provides customers with the most effective, powerful email security system. Our email hosting review quickly shows how we stand apart from leading competitors in helping clients stay safe from spam, virus and other Internet pollution.

All potential customers are invited to test our email hosting features by signing up for a free, 30-day trial of our service. There is no obligation to buy after the trial period is up, but we're confident our product and customer support will make a lasting impression on your company's business.


Hosted ExchangeHosted Exchange Lite PlusHosted Exchange LiteOther Providers
Default Mailbox StorageUnlimited50 GB2 GBTypically 1 GB to 5 GB
Additional StorageN/A
(Can't get more unlimited)
Shared Mailboxes    
End to End Route Optimization    
IP Acceleration    
Mobile Device Optimization    
Premium Spam & Virus ProtectionIncludedIncludedIncludedExtra charge
Inbound Spam Filtering    
Outbound Spam Filtering    
Fraud Protection    
Offsite Spam Quarantine    
Spam Journal For End-Users    
Configurable Legal Disclaimers    
Content Filtering Tools    
Compliance Tools    
Anti-Virus5 Anti-Virus engines included5 Anti-Virus engines included5 Anti-Virus engines includedTypically 1 or 2 Anti-Virus engine(s) included
Zero Hour AV Protection    
Windows Phone Support    
Android Support    
iOS Support    
Blackberry Support    
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery    
Records Management    
Email Archiving    
Compliance & eDiscovery    
FREE Trial    
Dedicated On-Boarding Specialist    
Integrated Split Domain   Not integrated. Not configurable.
Data CentersISO 27001 / ISO 50001 / Tier IIIISO 27001 / ISO 50001 / Tier IIIISO 27001 / ISO 50001 / Tier IIINeed vendor verification
Live Phone Support24x7x365 Included24x7x365 Included24x7x365 Included 
Contractual Commitment    

How can AppRiver afford to eliminate mailbox quotas?

We have been protecting email for companies since 2002 and today deliver email for over 67,000 customers located around the globe. This experience has put us in a position to understand email growth from a very broad view point. The trend toward decreased storage pricing and increased storage density enables us to eliminate an additional charge for mailbox storage. In addition, approximately 80% of email is junk. We have embedded our Advanced Email Security anti-phishing and malware protection on every server, which prevents us from wasting storage resources on junk mail that travels the internet as email.


What does unlimited mailbox storage mean?

Unlimited mailbox storage means that clients of our Secure Hosted Exchange service don't need to manage user quotas or be concerned about billing surprises because of increased email activity. This does not mean that using Microsoft's Outlook and Exchange will work with an infinitely large email box - there are practical limits to how large a mailbox can be before performance becomes unacceptable. It also doesn't mean that a mailbox can be defined as an "archive" - which would be impractical and inconsistent with archiving requirements.


What are the benefits of unlimited mailbox quotas?

Until now, administrators have been forced to spend time managing and enforcing user quotas to make sure their company remains within its allotted storage space. Not only does storage allotment increase management overhead for IT staff, but users often run into frustrating situations when they are forced to delete stored messages to make room for new email correspondence. The unlimited plan from AppRiver removes the time consuming task of quota management, enabling businesses to benefit from the collaboration and mobility offerings of Exchange without storage limitations.


How is Advanced Email Security integrated into Exchange?

We designed our Exchange service around a very tight security model. You cannot become a customer of AppRiver's Exchange Service without going through the full litany of security elements included with our Advanced Email Security solution. Every email for each mailbox is run through AppRiver's proprietary blend of more than 60 different email filters and 6 anti-virus engines. The system prevents unwanted email, viruses, worms, phishing scams, and other malicious code from reaching client mailboxes. Advanced Email Security protection is NOT optional and ensures our clients have a safe and reliable corporate messaging platform.


Which mobile platforms is Secure Hosted Exchange compatible with?

AppRiver’s Secure Hosted Exchange works with all major mobile platforms and includes our Advanced Email Security filtering. Apple iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Blackbery, iPad and other tablets will all work with Secure Hosted Exchange.


What are the system requirements?

Secure Hosted Exchange works with the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X. And with the following email platforms: Outlook 2013, Outlook 2011 Mac and up.


How can I get started?

Don't take our word for it. Please take advantage of our 30-day free trial to experience the system for yourself. We believe our Customer Portal defines a new standard for ease of use in the Hosted Exchange arena and we know Advanced Email Security ensures a safe and reliable corporate messaging platform.




"AppRiver" means AppRiver, AG, a limited liability company.

"AppRiver Network" means the network of data centers, data connections and equipment that AppRiver maintains to provide the Service.

"Biennial" means once every two (2) years.

"Customer" means you or the entity you represent that is purchasing the Service and agreeing to the terms of this Agreement.

"Disclosing Party" means a party to this Agreement that discloses Confidential Information to the other party.

"Documentation" means the online user guide for the Service.

"Downtime" means any time during which the Service is unavailable from AppRiver, measured from the time of actual interruption of the Service, until the time such Service is restored.

"Force Majeure Event" means: (a) acts of God, such as fire, flood, earthquake or other natural causes; (b) terrorist events, riots, insurrections, war or national emergency; or (c) judicial, legal or other action of a governmental authority, which action makes performance of this Agreement impossible.

"Order Form" means the online order form filled in by Customer setting forth such information as the contact information of the Customer, the service (or services) selected, the number of Users permitted, the amount and method of payment, and the dates of the initial Term (or initial Terms).

"Privacy Policy" means AppRiver's privacy policy posted on the AppRiver Website.

"Prospective Customer" means an individual or entity that is taking advantage of AppRiver's 30-day Free Trial period.

"Receiving Party" means the party receiving Confidential Information from the other party.

"Service" means AppRiver’s Hosted Exchange Email Service, including the Documentation, subscribed to by Customer, as more particularly described in the Documentation.

"Spam" means unsolicited bulk email.

"Subscriber" means any customer of AppRiver who has become a party to this Agreement.

"Subscription" means the purchase of a right to use the Service for some period.

"Term" means the initial period of the Subscription (purchased by Customer) and any subsequent extensions or renewals.

"User" means an individual who has access to the Service via the Internet.

"Website" means the website with the URL:

1. Changes

AppRiver reserves the right to change any of the terms of this Agreement by posting the revised terms of this Agreement on the Website and/or by sending an email to the last email address that the Subscriber has given to AppRiver. Any such change shall be effective immediately with respect to any new Subscriber and retroactive to the date of notice with respect to any existing Subscriber who does not terminate the Subscription within 10 days after the earlier of such posting or email.

2. Eligibility

AppRiver requires that any individual Subscriber be at least 18 years of age. By using the Service, Customer represents and warrants that Customer, if an individual, is at least 18 years of age and that Customer's use of the Service does not violate any applicable law or regulation.

3. 30-Day Free Trial

A Prospective Customer may use the Service free of charge for up to 30 days to allow for a thorough evaluation (the "Free Trial"). Unless Prospective Customer completes and submits the Order Form to AppRiver electing to convert the Free Trial to a paid subscription within such 30 day period, the Service will be shut off after such 30-Day Free Trial period has expired.

4. Subscription Options

During the Free Trial period, Prospective Customer will be given the opportunity to review and select one of the available Subscription options. The Subscription options include, but are not limited to, monthly, quarterly, annually, and Biennially. The Service is billed at the start of each Subscription period for the (initial, renewal or extended) period. Unless notice to the contrary is provided by one party to the other before the end of any Term, the Term will automatically extend for the same amount of time as the prior period. Subscribers choosing Yearly and Biennial Subscription options receive prepayment discounts.

5. Fees and Payments

Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer is responsible for paying the fee that applies for each period during which the Term continues. Upon Customer entering into a Subscription Agreement with AppRiver and giving AppRiver Customer's credit card information, Customer agrees that AppRiver may, and is authorized to, charge Customer's credit card account for payment in advance in the correct amount, which payment may vary from time to time as provided in this Agreement, for each recurring period of this Agreement. If AppRiver does not receive payment for Customer's account, as required, AppRiver may terminate Customer's account. Customer's payment reconfirms Customer's consent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

6. Termination

The Term of this Agreement will continue until terminated. Such Term may be terminated by either party at any time and for any reason. The Term will automatically expire if Customer stops payment for the Service, or if Customer doesn’t comply with this Agreement. If the termination is for an annual or Biennial subscription and is requested prior to the end of the active Subscription period, AppRiver will refund pro rata, as of the end of the month in which the Service is terminated, the unused portion of the fees paid, after subtracting from the unused portion the entire amount of any annual or Biennial Subscription period discount that was given. AppRiver does not provide refunds for any part of a month during which a termination occurs. Requests for cancellation must be submitted via email to with the words: "Cancel Hosted Exchange Email Subscription" in the subject line of the email. Upon termination, Customer will no longer have access to, or be able to use, the Service except as provided in "24" below relating to facilitating Customer’s move to another service.

7. Right to use the Service

Subject to the terms of this Agreement and proper payment to AppRiver, AppRiver hereby grants Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Service solely for Customer’s own internal business purposes for the Term and number of Users specified in the Order Form.

8. Restrictions on Use

Customer will not use, and will not permit others to use, Customer’s account to: (1) copy, distribute, rent, lease, transfer or sublicense all or any portion of the Service to any third party; (2) modify or prepare derivative works relating to the Service; (3) use the Service (other than for Customer’s internal use) in any commercial context or for any commercial purpose or in any commercial product including reselling the Service; (4) use the Service in any manner that threatens the integrity, performance or availability of the Service; (5) reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Service; or (6) use the Service to help design a competing or similar service.

9. Ownership

Customer acknowledges that the Service is the exclusive property of AppRiver. AppRiver and its suppliers retain all rights, title and interest in and to all patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in the Service. Customer shall not acquire hereunder any right, title, or interest in the Service, except the right to use it in accordance with this Agreement.

10. Customer Obligations

During the Term of this Agreement, Customer shall have the following obligations, in addition to those set forth elsewhere in this Agreement:

10.1    Customer shall be solely responsible for its connection to the Internet and shall maintain a valid IP address to enable Customer to use the Service.  Customer shall conform to the protocols and standards published on the Internet from time to time and adopted by the majority of Internet users.

10.2    Customer shall be solely responsible for its activities (and the activities of anyone else who obtained access to Customer's password due to actions or inactions by Customer) in using the Service including the activities of its employees and contractors.

10.3    Customer’s use of the Service is subject to all applicable local, state, national and foreign laws and regulations.  Customer agrees to comply with such laws and regulations.

10.4    Customer agrees that if the average number of emails received by each of Customer’s then-licensed Users in any one month exceeds 250% of the average number of emails received per licensed User measured across the AppRiver Network that same month, AppRiver may increase the charges to what would be charged if the number of licensed Users were increased so that limit was not exceeded.  Such increase shall remain in effect until three (3) months after the number of emails received by Customer per actual licensed User no longer exceeds such limit.

10.5    Customer shall be responsible for ensuring that Customer's email is directed through the Service by making and maintaining the appropriate configuration settings.

11. Mailbox Storage

Subject to compliance with the terms of this Section, each User is provided with unlimited mailbox storage. Users of the Service do not need to manage User mailbox quotas or be concerned about billing surprises because of normal increases in User email activity. There are, however, limits to how large a mailbox can grow before performance will be unacceptably degraded. Additionally, unlimited mailbox storage applies only when the User is not receiving emails in response, or otherwise relating, to Spam sent by User and over 90% of the email received is either live person to live person or has not been solicited by or consented to by the User. For example, forwarding all faxes addressed to more than one individual to the same User’s mailbox or using one mailbox as an "archive" to store emails addressed other than to the User to whom the mailbox is assigned is expressly prohibited.

12. Confidentiality

12.1    The parties need to assure protection of their respective trade secrets and other confidential information ("Confidential Information").

12.2    Confidential Information of AppRiver includes, but is not limited to:
Any and all source code used to provide the Service and concepts relating to such source code and all designs, diagrams, flow charts and documentation relating to any such source code.

12.3    Confidential information of Customer includes, but is not limited to: 
All emails (with all attachments), both sent and received, of Customer, the content of which was not created by or for the Receiving Party 

12.4    Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, Confidential Information shall not include: 

(a)  Information that is, or subsequently becomes, within the knowledge of the public generally through no fault of the Receiving Party;

(b)  Information that was known to the Receiving Party at the time of receipt and before obtained from the Disclosing Party; or

(c)  Information that is developed independently by the Receiving Party, and not the Disclosing Party or using any of the Disclosing Party's information.

12.5    Except as reasonably required to monitor and enforce compliance with the terms of this Agreement, each Receiving Party covenants and agrees not to use or disclose any of the Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party.  

12.6    The parties agree that all Confidential Information shall remain protected under this Agreement for so long as such information is not subject to any of the exceptions set forth in "12.4" above.

12.7    Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that the Receiving Party receives a subpoena or other validly issued administrative or judicial process requesting any of the documents or materials or other disclosure of Confidential Information, the Receiving Party shall, if not prohibited by law, promptly notify the Disclosing Party and tender to the Disclosing Party the defense of such demand.  Unless the demand shall be timely limited, quashed or extended, the Receiving Party shall thereafter be entitled to comply with that demand to the extent required by law.  If the Disclosing Party so requests, the Receiving Party shall cooperate, at the Disclosing Party's expense, in the defense of such demand.  

13. Acceptable Use Policy

Customer shall ensure that its Users must not under any circumstances whatsoever commit, or attempt to commit, aid or abet any action that may threaten the Service, whether deliberately, negligently or innocently, which shall include but is not limited to: (i) an attempt to crash the Service host or network; (ii) "denial of service" attacks, or "flooding" attacks against the Service host or network; (iii) any attempt to circumvent the user authentication or security of the Service host or network; (iv) the creation, transmission, storage, or publication of any kind of virus or corrupting program or corrupted data; or (v) any other action that may adversely affect the Service. AppRiver shall have the right to suspend or terminate the Service, and to take such defensive action as may at AppRiver’s sole discretion be deemed necessary in the event of any attack upon the Service or network.

14. Supplier Licenses

Customer's use of AppRiver's Hosted Exchange Email Service is subject to AppRiver's license with Microsoft and possibly one or more other suppliers. Customer is, therefore, a party to the Microsoft "End User License," which must be acknowledged during software installation and is subsequently available through the Outlook® account settings, as well as any requirements in the Microsoft Services Agreement. If Customer is accessing the Service using a BlackBerry application, Customer is also subject to the "BlackBerry Customer License Terms," a copy of which is also available on the BlackBerry Website.

15. Use of Microsoft Outlook® Software

AppRiver's Exchange Service includes the licensing for Microsoft Outlook® Software. Each User is allowed to install any client side software required (to use the Service) one time and only on one PC. It is understood and agreed that Customer will subscribe to one mailbox for each of Customer's Users. In addition to this being required by AppRiver, no more than one User per mailbox is permitted by Microsoft. Upon termination of the Term, Customer is responsible for uninstalling any Microsoft Outlook®, or other client software that is licensed as part of the AppRiver service.

16. Incoming and Outgoing Email Protection Policies

16.1    Incoming Email Policy:

AppRiver's Exchange Service is protected by AppRiver's SecureTide® Email Protection solution (the "SecureTide Service") to help protect the security of the entire system. The SecureTide™ Service includes a comprehensive set of tools for filtering spam (unsolicited commercial email or UCE), viruses and other malicious content from incoming and outgoing email. AppRiver does not provide any warranties regarding the SecureTide Service.  By agreeing to this Agreement, Customer is also agreeing to be a party to the SecureTide Email Protection Service Subscription Agreement (the "SecureTide Agreement").

16.2    Outgoing Email Policy:

Sending Spam using AppRiver's system is not permitted or tolerated. AppRiver defines Spam as email that is both bulk and unsolicited. AppRiver will not be held responsible if Customer's domain name is blocked by internet service providers (ISPs) for sending Spam. AppRiver reserves the right to suspend or cancel AppRiver accounts that send Spam. 

17. Modifications to Service

AppRiver reserves the right to modify the features and functionality of the Service with the objective of providing Customer with equal or enhanced services. These updates shall include a subsequent release or version of the Service containing functional enhancements, error corrections or fixes that are generally made available free of charge to AppRiver’s customers that have contracted for the appropriate level of Service. Updates shall not include any release, option or future product which AppRiver licenses separately or which is not included as part of the Service.

18. Service Level Agreement and Remedy

18.1    AppRiver warrants that during the Term, the Service shall be operational at least 99.999% of the total hours during every month Customer uses the Service ("Availability Warranty"), meaning that the Downtime in such given month shall not be more than .001%.  The Availability Warranty does not apply to Downtime which is attributable to:  (i) events of Force Majeure as described in Section 31 of this Agreement; (ii) acts or omissions by the Customer which are in contravention of this Agreement; or (iii) scheduled maintenance of the Service by AppRiver.

18.2    If Customer believes that AppRiver has failed to meet its commitments under the Availability Warranty, Customer must contact AppRiver in writing within 15 business days of the month in which Customer believes the warranty obligations were not met.   The enforceability of this warranty is contingent upon such notice being timely given. In the event that it is shown that AppRiver did not meet its warranty commitments, AppRiver’s sole obligation to Customer will be to provide a credit to Customer against future Service fees in an amount equal to 5% of the Customer’s monthly Service fee for each 30 minutes of Downtime in the calendar month in question, up to a maximum of the monthly fee.  The remedy set forth above shall be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for a breach of the Availability Warranty.

19. Warranty Disclaimers


20. Limitation of Liability


21. Passwords

AppRiver recommends good password hygiene be followed by all Users. It is the Customer's and User's responsibility to keep passwords confidential, and to change passwords on a regular basis. AppRiver is not responsible for any data losses or security issues due to stolen or hacked passwords. AppRiver recommends the use of passwords that contain letters, numbers, and symbols to lessen the chance of unauthorized access. AppRiver support does not have access to existing passwords. For security reasons, AppRiver support can only reset passwords.

22. Deleted Item/Mailbox Retention

AppRiver's servers are configured to allow recovery of deleted mailboxes or mailbox items for a period of 30 days. If a User deletes an item from his or her mailbox, the system will allow the User to restore the item via Microsoft Outlook®. Deleted Item/Mailbox retention allows Users to recover data after they execute a delete command against an individual mailbox or individual mailbox item. 

23. Recovery Backups

AppRiver takes industry standard measures to ensure that your system configurations and mailboxes can be restored quickly and accurately if they become corrupted or fails for other reasons including a system failure.

24. Transition After Termination

If Customer’s Subscription is terminated, and Customer is not in breach of the terms of this Agreement, upon request of Customer, AppRiver will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide no less than two (2) weeks of interim service in order to facilitate a transition of Customer’s service to another provider or in-house implementation. Appriver may charge a commercially reasonable amount for such services.

25. Customer Indemnification

Customer agrees to indemnify and hold AppRiver harmless from any losses arising from claims or demands (including, but not limited to, attorneys fees) relating to the Service that are attributable to the negligence of Customer, any misuse of the Service by Customer, any violation of AppRiver’s Acceptable Use Policy set forth in Section 13 of this Agreement, or the failure of Customer to fulfill its responsibilities under this Agreement. In the event of any such claim or demand, AppRiver agrees to promptly notify Customer of the claim or demand and allow Customer to control the defense or reasonably settle such claim or demand provided that AppRiver or its Service is not adversely affected by such control or settlement. AppRiver will have the right to approve any attorney selected by Customer to represent AppRiver. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event Customer fails to select a lawyer(s) to defend any such claim who is acceptable to AppRiver within a reasonable time under the then current circumstances, AppRiver may choose its own lawyer(s) and Customer will be responsible for paying the legal fees of such lawyer(s).

26. Support
The following areas are covered by AppRiver support:

•  Connectivity to the AppRiver Service to enable the sending and receiving of email
•  Configuration of select mail programs (including Microsoft Outlook® and Apple Mail) for Android, Apple, and Windows devices. 
•  Creation of additional mailboxes, distribution lists, domain and user aliases
•  Issues related to Public Folders
•  Issues related to security settings within the exchange (server-side) environment
•  DNS related issues

The following areas are handled on a "commercially reasonable" basis as a courtesy to our customers:

•  Configuration of customer firewall software and/or hardware that could affect connectivity to the AppRiver service
•  Installation of Microsoft Outlook® Software
•  Configuration of customer antivirus software (Norton Antivirus, etc.) that could affect connectivity to the AppRiver service
•  Issues related to customer's connection to the Internet (i.e. T1, Cable Modem, DSL Modem, Dial-Up accounts, etc.)
•  Issues related to other email accounts or personal folders (non-AppRiver) configured within customer's Microsoft Outlook® software
•  Issues related to general use of the Microsoft Outlook® software (i.e. training, etc.)
•  Email client software other than Microsoft Outlook®
•  Use of AppRiver service on a Macintosh or non-Windows computer

27. Transmission of Data

Customer agrees that AppRiver is not responsible for any unauthorized access or modification of Customer's data whilst in electronic transmission to or from the AppRiver data centers. Customer also agrees that AppRiver is not responsible or liable for any content sent using, or received from, the AppRiver service including that which may be illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening or that may violate any trademark or copyright.

28. Privacy and Security of Protected Information

Customers are often subject to one or more rules that govern the privacy and security of certain information. Customer agrees that AppRiver is not responsible or liable for any content sent using, or received from, the AppRiver Service if it is subject to such rules and is not encrypted with an industry accepted encryption method. AppRiver offers one such encryption Service but many are available and suitable for achieving compliance with the Customer’s legal responsibilities.

29. Subpoena and Compliance Fees

Customer agrees to pay AppRiver’s costs (and commercially reasonable fees for the time and effort required of AppRiver’s employees) for complying with subpoenas, information storage, retrieval, management, and advisory services.

30. Force Majeure

If the performance of this Agreement or any obligation (other than one for money owed) is prevented, delayed or interfered with by a Force Majeure Event, the party affected by the Force Majeure Event is excused on a day-by-day basis to the extent of the interference, but only if: (i) the Force Majeure Event is beyond the reasonable control of the party claiming it and without that party’s fault or negligence; (ii) the affected party notifies the other party as soon as practicable of the nature and expected duration of the claimed Force Majeure Event; and (iii) the affected party uses its best efforts to protect against the Force Majeure Event and uses all commercially reasonable efforts to avoid, mitigate or remove the extent of the delay and causes of nonperformance and resumes performance promptly after the causes have been eliminated. The obligations of the party not claiming the Force Majeure Event are also excused on a day-by-day basis. 

31. Privacy Policy

Customer agrees that AppRiver may access, use, and disclose Customer's information as permitted in its Privacy Policy. In this regard, the terms of the Privacy Policy are to be treated as if they were added to and part of this Agreement and shall be binding on all parties hereto. 

32. Choice of Law

This Agreement shall be governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with, the substantive laws of Switzerland (ignoring principles of conflicts of laws), with the exclusion of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods dated 11 April 1980. 

33. Jurisdiction

Each of the parties does hereby agree that any dispute relating to this Agreement, and any other agreement between the parties, the Privacy Policy or the Service, will be decided by the substantive laws of Switzerland (ignoring principles of conflicts of laws), with the exclusion of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods dated 11 April 1980. 

34. General

Any party entering into this Agreement on behalf of another party does hereby represent and warrant that such action was and is being taken with full authority. The waiver by either party of any breach of any provision contained in this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of such provision or of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision contained in this Agreement. Any such waiver must be in writing in order to be effective, and no such waiver or waivers shall serve to establish a course of performance between the parties contradictory to the terms hereof. All provisions of this Agreement are severable, and the unenforceability or invalidity of any of the provisions will not affect the enforceability or validity of the remaining provisions. This Agreement, the SecureTide® Agreement, the Privacy Policy, the Order Form, any Fee Schedule, the hours of telephone support availability set forth on the Website, Customer's agreement to abide by the Microsoft End-User License and Customer’s agreement to abide by any other agreement with a third party, such as RIM for access to the Service with a Blackberry smartphone, constitute the complete agreement between Customer and AppRiver concerning the subject matter hereof and supersede any prior proposal, agreement, or communication, oral or written, pertaining to such subject matter. There are no inducements to enter into this Agreement which are not set forth herein. Customer may not assign this Agreement or any associated transactions without the written consent of AppRiver. In the event of a breach by a party of its obligations hereunder, the non-breaching party may seek injunctive or other equitable relief without the necessity of posting bond.


June 2016