HIPAA Compliance for Dentists

Challenges facing the dental industry.

There's always a risk factor when sending information electronically, but the stakes are higher for dental providers that send patient information. You can’t afford to let a HIPAA violation impact your bottom line, but the trust of your clients is even more important. All it takes is one unfortunate incident for bad word-of-mouth to critically damage your reputation in the community.

As regulations become tighter and dental offices become more reliant on digital technology, clients are understandably concerned about their privacy. From the storing of patient records to the digital transmission of documents such as X-rays, HIPAA compliance is your responsibility. Avoiding costly noncompliance fines and ensuring your patients’ privacy starts with maintaining proper procedures for handling protected health information (PHI).

Get true end-to-end email encryption with CipherPost Pro®; to ensure that your private communications stay that way – and that your dental practice is meeting today’s stringent regulatory requirements.


“CipherPost Pro® is an impressive secure email platform that I recommend to my dentist clients. It's super easy for their teams to use. Plus, the private Webmail platform shows patients you're as serious about their privacy as their bank is! Best of all, dental specialists can easily communicate with their referring dentists. There is no better way to transmit files, prevent errant email transmissions, and stay ahead of HIPAA regulations than CipherPost Pro. Heck, I use it myself!

Rick Waters, DMD
Consultant to Dentistry

Dr. Rick Waters

The best defense for your practice.

AppRiver understands that running a dental practice has enough challenges of its own. But being sparing with privacy and security just isn't an option when confidential data is on the line. It also shouldn't be a hassle, and that's why AppRiver's dental solutions make it easy to safeguard your data with our suite of web and email security options.

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