Finding Security and Privacy in the Financial Industry

Challenges in the financial industry.

Money has largely become electronic in today’s financial world. With the tap of a button, funds can circle the globe. But the expanse of technology has also led to customer fears over theft, privacy and security. Counteract those fears with AppRiver’s financial solutions and discover how easy it is to leverage the power of the cloud for your business.

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  See how Email Encryption can help the Financial industry comply with regulations.

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“Financial professionals can’t afford to let efficiency become the enemy of security... or vice versa. AppRiver’s cloud-based solutions offer the best of both worlds — world-class email and productivity tools, combined with powerful protection against spam, viruses and Web-based malware.”

Amy E. Chalmers
Senior Vice President and Manager, Technology Group
Mid Atlantic Capital Group

Your most profitable capital is customer satisfaction and trust.

In light of the frequent data breaches affecting every industry, the financial world is also facing increased regulations and requirements to protect customer data. But meeting minimum standards won’t win new customers, especially when finances are in the balance. Let AppRiver take your financial needs and exceed them with archiving solutions that ensure you stay compliant and an industry-leading encryption service that just makes sense.


RegulationCompliance RequirementsHow AppRiver Can Help
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)Under the GLBA, organizations must implement policy and technologies that ensure the security and confidentiality of customer records when transmitted and in storage.Email Encryption
Web Protection
Email Archiving & Compliance
Office 365
Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI)PCI requires the secure transmission of cardholder data against interception and unauthorized disclosure as well as protection against malware and other threats to the integrity of cardholder data.Email Encryption
Web Protection
Email Archiving & Compliance
Office 365
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)Recommended SEC cyber security measures include the security of confidential information through encryption, secure data storage, and disaster recovery.Email Encryption
Web Protection
Email Archiving & Compliance
Office 365
Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)All public corporations must comply with SOX. It demands companies establish internal controls to accurately gather, process and report financial information. Encryption for financial information sent via email is necessary to ensure data integrity, unauthorized disclosure or loss.Email Encryption
Web Protection
Email Archiving & Compliance
Office 365
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)FINRA monitors broker-dealers for accurate recordkeeping and secure and confidential electronic communications.Email Encryption
Web Protection
Email Archiving & Compliance
Office 365

*AppRiver's Financial Solutions provide secure offerings that can help your organization remain compliant by safeguarding electronic protected financial information, enabling secure communication and streamlining collaboration.

If you’re in the financial industry, email encryption has to be a part of your portfolio.

With increasing pressure to safeguard customer data in an environment of growing regulatory oversight and increased information security risks, anyone working in the financial industry has to continually protect data to build customer trust. Because without the trust of your customers, you’re out of business.

By successfully incorporating encryption into email communications, your business can differentiate itself in the marketplace with a superior client experience, increased worker productivity and reduced expenses.

Email Encryption is the Solution

AppRiver's Email Encryption is much more than traditional encryption – it’s an information management tool that enables businesses in the financial industry to easily protect and control access to their email, even after content has left the outbox. In this age of instant worldwide communications, Email Encryption is a critical tool for any business that needs to protect its virtual vault of information with the same rigor it utilizes to protect its physical location.

Email Encryption seamlessly integrates into any third-party email infrastructure and/or archiving system. The financial industry appreciates the ease-of-use and the intuitive interface, which helps to ease businesswide adoption of the encryption service. If your business is required to comply with the standards imposed by Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, GrammLeach-Biley Act or others, Email Encryption is the solution.

Key Features

  • Simplified Secure Communications Exchange allows messages to be securely sent, received and tracked on any device.
  • Large File Transfer lets both sender and receiver quickly and securely share attachments of up to 5GB through email without overloading inboxes.
  • Regulatory Compliance, Electronic Tracking and Discovery supports privacy and security regulations and offers a message Delivery Slip, as well as tracking and discovery logs that show every step of your message from composition and beyond.
  • Customized and Brandable Secure Environment gives your business a tailored professional interface that’s completely secure and easily utilized with existing email environments.

Value Added for the Financial Industry

Controlled Communications and Proof of Receipt
Lets you delete or recall sent messages, as well as control every aspect of each message, including who is able to read it and when the message was read.

Data Jurisdiction
Allows your business to choose in which country their data is hosted to avoid privacy risks imposed by international laws.

Integrates with Existing Archiving Solutions
Ensures that messages are easily and automatically backed up with your existing archiving solution.

Cost Effective with Zero Maintenance on all Devices
Utilizes the power and convenience of the cloud in a scalable service that’s easy to implement and maintain, while securely sending and receiving secure messages from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

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About Email Encryption 
AppRiver believes that email security should complement your email, not complicate it. Our cloud-based solutions for secure file transfer and email encryption work seamlessly with any email to enable secure communication and collaboration anytime, anywhere.

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