Challenges for the healthcare industry.

Like many other industries, healthcare faces constant change and the challenge is staying ahead of the curve.

Bottom line: Regardless of how prepared your business is for ICD:10 coding standards or the next business requirement that your practice faces, if the transfer of data between patient and doctor is not efficient and secure, you’ll be practicing less and could be fined for your troubles.

As a business, your margin for error is now razor-thin since increased government mandates are being enacted to shield electronic protected health information from abuse and/or loss.

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“AppRiver gets it. They understand the security challenges health care professionals face at all levels, every day, with services designed to protect patient data, safeguard networks and keep your organization compliant with HIPAA and other privacy regulations.”

Jim Donaldson
Director of Corporate Compliance
Baptist Health Care

Jim Donaldson

Empower your practice.

Whether your focus is on how your practice can best implement a web security solution or if your immediate need is to encrypt electronic communications in a way that provides assurance to your patients and compliance to your business, AppRiver’s healthcare solutions may offer the perfect remedy.


RegulationCompliance RequirementsHow AppRiver Can Help
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)Organizations must ensure that email messages containing personally identifiable health information are secured, even when transmitted via unencrypted links, and that senders and recipients are properly verified.Encryption
Web Protection
Email Archiving & Compliance
Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH)The HITECH Act requires protection of PHI in electronic format. This would include secure messaging, as well as the immediate removal of PHI from any devices as means to prevent access by unintended recipients.Encryption
Web Protection
Email Archiving & Compliance
Canada's Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)Under PHIPA, personal health data transmission must be secure in order to protect against theft, unauthorized use and loss.Encryption
Web Protection
Email Archiving & Compliance

*AppRiver's Healthcare Solutions provide secure offerings that can help your organization remain compliant by safeguarding electronic protected health information, enabling secure communication and streamlining collaboration.

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