Challenges in the legal industry.

It’s happening. The contents of your filing cabinets are being replaced with terabytes of data. So how do you take your business into the cloud with this new generation of clients that communicate with their smartphones instead of pens? You let AppRiver’s legal solutions take care of your electronic communication and archiving needs.

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"It’s refreshing to work with a company like AppRiver that takes the time to understand the unique needs we face as a firm and provides services to match those needs. Even better, AppRiver makes its incredible support team available to help us night or day. If we do have a problem, we always have someone to help."

James A. Holmes
Director of Information Systems
Levin Papantonio

James A. Holmes

Lean on our experience with compliance.

The requirement to catalog and recall legal documents is even more important in the digital world. You need failsafe technology that allows you to not only store massive amounts of data, but also manage it from any device regardless of the time or place. We can help you discover how easy it is to meet all of your compliance and eDiscovery needs.

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