Securing O365

The best defense is layered security.

Security is hands down the number one concern that companies have when considering moving their data to the cloud. And why wouldn’t it be? The cloud is a storage unit for all things personal, confidential and business-centric. Handing that key out to just anyone could be disastrous. Office 365 can do a lot of things but, like most platforms, it can’t do everything. This is why a layered security approach is essential.

Any single security defense may be flawed. And the quickest way to find out is by becoming a victim. While each defense can be great on its own, layered security is greater than a sum of its parts. Bottom line is that you need more security than what Office 365’s security arsenal can provide. Increase your odds of keeping the bad guys out by securing Office 365 with AppRiver’s phenomenal security suite of services: SecureTide® Spam and Virus Protection, SecureSurf® Web Protection and Email Continuity.

This full security package protects you from both incoming and outgoing threats from email and the web, secures your email in transit and at rest — and gives you an important failsafe in the event of an outage. With a 30-day free trial and no onsite hardware or software, this is a no brainer. These solutions work together to give the maximum protection they need without the risk!

To learn more about this security package, please give us a call at (866) 223-4645 or complete the form for a personal consultation with one of our phenomenal channel sales representatives. You’ll be glad you did!

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